So now that you know the first 3 patterns of the Minor Pentatonic Scale it’s time to get your fingers on the 4th pattern.

This pattern is really useful because it fits in the area where you would play a chord with the root note on the 5th string. Notice the root note on the 5th string in the chart below:

The Minor Pentatonic Scale Pattern 4

In the CAGED Theory framework this pattern is the A form because it fits over the open A shaped dominant 7 chord:

Of course that shows the chord in the open position, but if you move it up to the 10th fret you will have a G7 chord. And once again the root note is on the 5th string.

When practicing this pentatonic scale shape be sure to stick to a one finger per fret approach. In other words your 1st finger plays the notes on the 10th fret, 2nd finger on the 1th fret etc. It may be tempting to play the notes on the 13th fret with your 3rd finger, but force yourself to use your little finger. It will only get stronger the more you practice!

Be sure to grab your free copy of Blues Rules. There’s full tabs, licks and charts, as well as a lot more information.

Also, make sure that you are working through the practice techniques outlined in part 3 of this series. Stay tuned for the next part where I will not only show you the 5th pattern of the minor pentatonic scale, but I’ll post a video lesson demonstrating practice techniques to get the scale under your fingers and in your ears so you can get on with the the business of playing the blues guitar.

So grab your guitar and get at it!